Feeling Insecure In Your Current Job Position?

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Job security is one of our primary concerns. We everyday we live with the question of whether or not we will be working the next day. Loyalty is not the important factor that once it was. Previously “last in”s were “first out”s but today it is in most cases the opposite; “first in”s are “first out”s. So are we completely powerless? Isn’t there anything that we can do?

Let’s start with ourselves first. As IT pros, we have to grow, to stay ahead of the curve no matter what. Not learning about the latest trends, latest security issues, hot discussions means that we are falling behind the curve. We all know that this means the road to irrelevancy and the door to unemployment. We can take online courses, get certified, follow RSS/Atom feeds, follow podcasts and the like. But whatever we do, we cannot afford to fall behind. One word from me: follow consumer tech very closely.

Then, we need to improve our people skills. I have discussed this issue so many times in separate posts that I will not go into the details once more. We have to be an excellent support engineer, we have to be as close to the business as we can get and we have to form strong relationships with our end users. You may not realize it now but there will be serious impact of computerization (or “robot invasion” if you will) and containerization in the near future to many IT roles. The ultimate way to avoid this is to form strong relations with the people. Don’t be the know-it-all person. If you are, make sure you play nicely and do not show this at the expense of others.

We also need to get back to the basics. For an eternity you may be managing lots of servers and think that you don’t need the skills you once had: cable routing, desktop administration, application management, IP subnetting, ethernet cable making etc. Once we moved to high-level skills (server deployment, infrastructure monitoring etc.) we inevitably moved far away from our users. It is now the time to get close to them and make them understand we know everything inside out – from managing hundreds of servers to solving printing problems. This may sound mediocre but we need to show people that we are solving problems at every level.

Once we touch our users, we know more about what is happening in the company and what issues our users are facing. And since we already know the IT infrastructure, we are in much better position to improve our users and help our company get better investment on technology. The times that we use one thing for one purpose is over – remember that we used mobile phones for talking and messaging, mp3 players for listening to music and agendas for managing our lives. Now we use our mobile phones for almost everything. We have to show users that they can sync their calendars and tasks to their devices, that they can use tablets for more productivity and that they can use their smart technologies to get more work done. We need to be inventive, creative and solve problems that people did not know that existed.

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